Ultrasonic Pest Control

Do you know that, if you live in a town, you are probably never more than ten meters from a rat? Rats carry diseases such as salmonella, tuberculosis, E.Coli, and cryptosporidiosis. It is important to keep rats out of your home. However, if you have your own animals – or young children, you probably won’t want to put poison in your vicinity. This is where ultrasonic pest control comes in.

What is ultrasonic pest control?

Ultrasonic pest control is a humane, hygienic and relatively cheap way to control your pest problem. So how does it work? Basically, ultrasonic sound is emitted at a higher frequency than humans can hear. Most animals – including rodents, can hear this higher frequency. It causes them considerable distress and deters them from entering your home. This is why ultrasonic pest control is such an ingenious and convenient deterrent.

How do you install ultrasonic pest control?

Buying and installing ultrasonic pest control couldn’t be easier. You can buy ultrasonic pest control from local retailers or online. By buying a combined electromagnetic and ultrasonic pet control unit, you can extend their range and effectiveness.

Ultrasonic pest control units can also be effective against mice, cockroaches, and beetles. If you are installing your own, make sure that you install them in an open space so the sound isn’t blocked. Please note that while your ultrasonic pest control unit won’t harm cats, dogs or fish, you will need to put your hamster well out of its way. Results may not be instantaneous but are generally effective in the long term. Contact a pest control specialist for more information.

Mosquito Pest Control

Zzz! What’s All the Buzz about Mosquitoes?

We’ve all been to a summer picnics and had to incessantly swat at pesky mosquitoes. What you don’t often think about is how mosquito infestation can damage your property value and diminish your quality of life. If mosquitoes become more than a mere nuisance, you may have an infestation that a professional needs to tackle.

Damages Caused by Mosquitoes

While mosquitoes may not cause noticeable structural damage to your property, their mere presence can be a detractor. On a more serious note, mosquitoes can carry the West Nile virus, a flavivirus that can infect humans, birds, mosquitoes, horses and some other mammals.

Let a Professional Help You Resolve Your Infestation

If mosquitoes are a fair-weather threat and only sporadically cause you to take notice, some repellent may be all you need. If you habitually notice swarms of these nagging insects, you’ll want to seek professional pest control services to help you resolve this issue. Professionals will be able to eliminate mosquito breeding sites around your home. By ridding your home and surrounding property of standing water, you reduce the number of places mosquitoes can lay eggs and breed. Be sure to check your gutters for clogs and clean them regularly. Stagnant water near your home’s foundation may also be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Removing other items such as barrels, cans, and non-draining planters that collect standing water is also prudent.

Simple Repairs Can Go a Long Way in Combating Mosquitoes

To keep mosquitoes from entering your home, be sure to repair any holes in window and door screens. A holistic approach both inside and outside your home with a professional will ensure you don’t need to swat your day away.